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Whether you run a small company or a big one, every business needs a website that is fully functional, and completely secure. If you are looking for these qualities in your website, you must get website hosting services from us!

At DES, we give your business a highly appealing online image that helps it achieve success and grow without any limits. By making use of our web hosting services, you can rest assured that your online face is presentable at all times.


We help you minimise your website load times!

A website that takes a lot of time to load is the one that gets no traffic at all. Even if your website design is remarkable, your visitors will leave if it takes too long to load and see the content that they were there for in the first place. But with DES web hosting services, everything is different.

Our web hosting services make your website run at tremendous speeds making content viewable on a single click. So when your visitors get to see your content without waiting for it, they get more time to explore your entire website and its various content pieces.


Choose the web hosting platform that suits your business needs!

Depending upon your business needs, aims, and objectives, we have the best hosting platform for you. Whether you want to make use of basic web hosting tools or complete managed services, we offer it all. Our web hosting services are great for businesses looking to make an outstanding impression on online users.

We also protect your online profile and site from security threats. We have the best software to keep intruders and viruses away from your website and website visitors. Even if you run an e-commerce platform, we implement the right strategies to ensure maximum security on every step of customer purchase.


24/7 website monitoring keeps your website safe from foreign attacks!

Let our web hosting experts monitor your website while you relax and work on other aspects of your business. We offer 24/7 website monitoring services to our clients looking to protect their websites from foreign attacks at all times of the day.

We closely observe everything on your website and before anyone poses a threat to your security, we take necessary steps to nullify their strategies. With our web hosting services in place, you don’t have to worry a day.


We are always available in times of need!

Running a successful and fully functional website is not a piece of cake, which is the reason we have our supportive web experts available all day to assist you with anything that you need. If you need to make changes to your website or content, we will always be there to help you.


Give us a call on 020 8481 9481 and learn all about our web hosting services!