At DES, we pride ourselves in giving good advice to our customers and supporting their IT requirements in whatever way we can. Each customer will have a central point of contact at DES who will look after all the projects that we do for them.

All clients of DES are provided with an online "client portal". This industry-leading tool can help streamline project management and centralise the whole communication between yourselves and DES.

In each customers account on the portal work is broken down into “Projects”. Each Project is then split into one or more “Tasks”. Each task has a description of what is required and is assigned to one or more operators along with a delivery deadline. Supporting files can be attached to the task. Operators can update the status of the task and add additional notes that can be communicated back to the customer detailing what has been done and sometimes requesting further information.

The customer can view the status of all their tasks in one area and see what is being worked on and by whom.

Existing customers can log into the portal here –