DES Computer Services is an IT services company providing support and bespoke solutions to a wide variety of clients from a range of business sectors. The company was started in 1989 before the internet revolution.

Originally providing specialist data processing services to the direct mail and market research industries DES produced a suite of systems for analysing and cleansing data. Data cleansing is still a very important process in maintaining up to date databases and CRM systems and DES provide a full range of reformatting and deduplication services along with the ability to run data past suppression lists to remove people who are deceased, people who have moved address and often update the records with the address they have moved to.

In the early nineties clients began asking us to build and maintain marketing and communication databases so support their client communications. These systems evolved into complex CRM solutions that could track the complete history of customer interactions.

In the late nineties with the internet gathering more and more importance the focus of a lot of our development effort switched to the web. DES specialised in producing dynamic websites that would integrate with other client systems such as stock control and order fulfilment to produce online tools that were machine critical to the clients business. Since the websites were so important to the customers business we also took responsibility for the hosting of the websites. This was done on equipment we own and maintain at our data centre so customers have a single point of contact for all of their web requirements.

In recent years with the rise of smartphones and tablet computers there has been rising demand for “responsive” websites that adapt their layout according to the capabilities of the device they are being viewed on. There has also been rising demand for mobile apps that run natively on a range of devices.

With our long history, our in-depth knowledge of software, hardware and networking systems coupled with our very broad experience of different market sectors and technology areas means that we can provide an unusually comprehensive solution to almost all IT requirements.