Connect with your customers on a deeper level using our marketing data insights!

At DES, we make it easy for businesses to make use of the extensive market data for better positioning and targeting. We are experts at mining marketing data from various platforms and sources, and give businesses a chance to make the most of it for maximum business development and growth. We also make use of modern technology to make important data readily available to you at all times.

We understand that data-driven marketing is one of the most important things that businesses need to survive. We analyse and interpret marketing data and create separate profiles for you to use for reference. By separating profiles, we make data management a breeze, giving you more time to focus on actual strategy implementation.


Refer to our trusted market data anytime you desire!

When it comes to managing real-time marketing data, we never fall short. We offer real-time market data to every customer looking for valuable insights to improve trading and targeting efforts. We also create detailed customer profiles for you to create better targeting strategies. Our predictive models are also great for helping you design accurate marketing strategies to target your customers.


Lower marketing costs and increase response rates without the hassle!

By taking help from us for marketing data and research, you can rest assured that your efforts will impact the right audience. Our marketing data can be used to create accurate and highly targeted strategies to reduce marketing costs.  When you know what to offer to a customer, you are able to increase response rates greatly.

By putting your money where it will get maximum results, you will be able to maximise your profits while enhancing customer satisfaction.


Make use of analytics to find out what works and what doesn’t!

We offer complete marketing data solutions to businesses looking to target their market in a more appropriate way. We help businesses get reaction out of their customers by implementing highly accurate marketing strategies. We also offer analytics and insights on customer groups to make it easy for you to find out the right strategy for particular customers.  


Process data faster than ever before!

Sometimes data processing can take a lot of time, resulting in a delay in project completion. But with our data processing services, we make data analysis and strategy implementation breeze walk in the park for you. We also offer database management for market data assembly and processing. So, when you want to go through old data, you can make use of the archive to get anything that you want.

Due to the efficiency in data processing, businesses get more time to make use of the data to create targeted strategies for maximised results.


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